Drink in the rich history of New Orleans with a local authority.

As a cocktail historian, writer, and guide, Elizabeth Pearce shares the rich and decadent history of New Orleans through engaging presentations and walking tours.

Elizabeth is also an active writer; check out her new book, The French Quarter Drinking Companion, and her drinks-themed blog, Open Tab.


Drink & Learn

Elizabeth's venture, Drink & Learn, offers interactive presentations and walking tours that tell the story of New Orleans through its famous cocktails, using each ingredient to reveal fascinating facts about the city.

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In Elizabeth’s book, The French Quarter Drinking Companion, she and her co-authors take the reader on a journey through 100 bars and stories in this famed neighborhood. 

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Elizabeth's regular drinks-themed column, Open Tab, features editorial musings on American drinking culture and bartender interviews from across the nation.

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While anyone can stroll through the French Quarter with a drink in hand, Elizabeth Pearce mixes history and folklore with a heap of personality to create an unforgettable experience. I tell every friend that they must jump on one of her tours to truly appreciate the food and drinks for which New Orleans is famous.
— Nick Nevares, Owner, Eventualizers