Anyone who visits New Orleans will certainly partake in the city's food and drinks, enjoying a rich culinary tradition three hundred years in the making. But hearing the story of the development of that tradition, while tasting those dishes and beverages, is what it means to experience the real New Orleans. 

Elizabeth—who is proficient in Spanish and Italian—works closely with conventions and local meeting planners, presenting interactive demonstrations tracing the story of New Orleans through its cuisine. She has given many presentations, demonstrations, and classes on New Orleans’ cocktail and culinary story to a variety of clients, including Home Depot, Nike and Coca-Cola.


History in a Glass:
The Story of New Orleans in Three Drinks

Elizabeth recounts the delicious and racy history of one of America’s most fascinating cities by way of three of its iconic drinks: The Sazerac, The Hurricane, and Café Brulôt. In this class she will demonstrate how to make each of these drinks, using their ingredients and the history of their creation to tell the story of the music, cuisine, and architecture of New Orleans. 

While the Hurricane may be New Orleans’ most famous drink, the Sazerac is full of history and is arguably one of the country’s oldest cocktails. Café Brulôt, an intoxicating combination of coffee, brandy, spices and citrus, which is then flambéed, was savored by John Ringling (of circus fame) who remarked “What better than to taste the pleasures of heaven while beholding the fires of hell?”

Each participant is served three drinks, nibbles from a cheese and fruit platter, learns how to make each drink and receives recipes. Class lasts approximately 1½ – 2 hours.

Cocktail on the Go

A shorter, more informal version of History in a Glass, Elizabeth offers Sazerac or Cafe Brulot samples and the story of the respective drink as an add-on to a cocktail or dinner party.

The presentation can also be given on a bus while guests are en route from one venue to another. Presentation can vary but is usually about 10 – 15 minutes.

Sugar Bowl:
New Orleans' Sweets

Join Elizabeth as she teaches you how to make two of the city’s favorite treats: pralines and calas. While doing so, you will learn the story of the city’s markets, street vendors, and the important roles that sugar and rice have played in shaping the architecture, music, and cuisine of New Orleans.

Pralines have long been a favorite dessert of New Orleanians, and calas or rice fritters have graced breakfast tables across the city for over a century. Come learn how to make them while enjoying a cup of café au lait, and leave with new stories and recipes from one of America’s most delicious and fascinating cities.

Each participant is served pralines and calas, café au lait, learns how to make each dish and receives recipes. Class lasts approximately 1 — 1 ½ hours.

Room in the Bowl:
Gumbo and the Creation of New Orleans

Elizabeth takes participants through the process of making a roux, and, using the individual ingredients of gumbo, recounts the story of New Orleans from its founding to present day.

Attendees receive a bowl of gumbo, french bread and tea or water. Presentation lasts 45 min – 1 hour.

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A gem of a presenter… Elizabeth is a wealth of knowledge as she guides you deep into New Orlean’s history through the unique perspective of the city’s cocktails and food ways.
— Jenn Potts, Education Coordinator at The Ogden Museum

For custom presentations, availability, and pricing, please send Elizabeth a message or call her at 504-578-8280.